HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Next Up: Valentine's Day

Valentines Chocolate Collection
Valentines Chocolate Collection

Valentines Chocolate Collection

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Make your Valentine’s Day one to remember by sharing our Valentines Chocolate Collection with the ones you care about most.  Packaged in red gift box and tied off with a ribbon our artisan chocolates are a perfect gift for everyone from sweethearts and grandparents to teachers and colleagues.  Handcrafted in our kitchen, each box includes one of the following:

Salted Caramel Truffle

Lemon Mint Truffle

Cherry Brandy Cordial

Raspberry Truffle

Saffron Honey Truffle

Espresso Truffle

Palet Or Truffle

Hibiscus Cream

Aleppo Cinnamon Truffle

9-piece box.

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