Meet Amy

Chef Amy Hansen is a confectioner and a graduate of the French Pastry School in Chicago.

She refines her training under industry masters — Chef Vincent Guerlais, awarded du Meilleur Chocolatier de France, and Chef Ramon Morato, awarded Spain's Best Master Pastry Chef and Director of the Chocolate Academy in Spain.

Amy's Candy Bar owner Amy Hansen

An avid traveler, Amy collects inspiration and ingredients by sampling candy from around the world. Back home in Chicago, she's dedicated to building community by bringing her handcrafted delights to markets and special events all over the city.

Inside Amy's Candy Bar, expect the comfort, care and specialty ingredients you found behind the swinging kitchen door. Every bite is intended to fill you with joy, memories and sweetness.

From the smallest wide-eyed candy-lovers who are just excited to bite into a heap of rainbow candies

to gamers seeking '80s favorites to host their friends

to the creative brides and grooms who envision a tower of sugary treats for their guests

to big businesses who say warm thank yous to clients with custom candy baskets
to the couple who've lived in the neighborhood for fifty years and pick out chocolate for each other every Friday,

Amy gets to know, helps and delights everyone who comes through her shop and online boutique, just as she was in her grandmother's kitchen and at candy counters growing up.

Amy's Candy Bar owner Amy Hansen

Bring home or send Amy's handcrafted candy. Open the door to the online boutique here.