Inside Our Kitchen

When the door to Amy's Candy Bar swings open, you'll feel as if you're stepping into your bliss.

Vintage jars filled with sugary treats from around the world line the shelves. Friendly staff scoop velvety ice cream. There are handcrafted boozy bonbons and artisanal candy bars for grown-ups, and colorful nostalgic treats that kids love. The air swirls with the delectable smell of Amy's latest chocolate and caramel creations.

Amy Hansen established Amy's Candy Bar in 2011, but the shop began generations earlier with carefully honed recipes and a love of sweets passed down from her Grandma Geraldine. In the kitchen, Amy begged her grandmother to show her how to perfect coconut cream pies and old fashioned donuts. With her hands covered in flour and measuring cups full of butter, Amy also picked up her grandmother's precision, which you can taste in every bite of Amy's creations.

But it was Christmas caramels wrapped in parchment and giant cashew turtles that Amy would seek out at her favorite candy store while on family trips to Minneapolis, MN that spun Amy's dreams to own a candy shop like those that once stood on corners of every small town.

When the timer rang on her rising corporate career, Amy was ready to take her place in her own kitchen.

Amy's Candy Bar is fixture for families, neighbors, businesses, couples planning weddings and grandparents who want to share the sweet treats of their childhood with the kids they love most. Today, customers from coast to coast indulge their sweet tooth with a few clicks in Amy's online boutique, extending the corner candy shop across the country and far beyond.

Amy's Candy Bar has been named among America's best candy shops by Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Trip Advisor, Chicagoist and Refinery29. It has been lauded by Chicago magazine, Candy Industry, Hungry Hound, The Steve Harvey Show, Cayman Airways Skies, FOX 32 and Midwest Living. Amy's Candy Bar was voted Coolest Candy Store in the City by TimeOut Kids readers.

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